Adam ClarkWith over 68 minutes of music, this album showcases Adam’s many styles of drumset play with 8 different bands that he has been a part of for years.

Adam Clark’s ability to allow his playing to evolve with the music is one of the elements that grants the production of this album. Working as a musician in Phoenix for the last 13 years has demanded that Adam be very diverse in his approach to music. Although rooted in jazz, he is never hesitant to explore different musical avenues. The selection of songs on Phoenix Mix Tape Vol.1 were chosen to showcase a variety of musical styles and voices from jazz, latin, funk, world, rock, blues and fusion. Clark’s jazz groups have performed at the Tempe Festival of the Arts, Chandler, Scottsdale and Glendale jazz festivals in Phx, Az.

“Having had the pleasure of playing with Adam Clark, I have said publicly on a number of occasions that he is one of the most responsive musicians with whom I have ever worked. Phoenix Mix Tape Vol.1 demonstrates Adam’s extraordinary versatility as he takes the listener on journeys through music from around the world. With the help of some of the best musicians from Phoenix, Adam has created a CD that is sure to please.”

Michael Kocour
Director of Jazz Studies
Arizona State University

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the awesome musicians that performed on my CD. Your support is what makes this music possible!

Phoenix Mix Tape Vol. 1

    Track 1 – Paxos Summer Blues (I. Goudelis)
    Track 2 – Is this Love (C. Putrino)
    Track 3 – Crazyology (C. Parker)
    Track 4 – Storm Door (B. Powers)
    Track 5 – Macho De Plátano (Taino Leon)
    Track 6 – Pequeño Bolero (I. Goudelis)
    Track 7 – Walking Sin (S. Caffarello)
    Track 8 – Tony and Adam
    Track 9 – Closer than Close (C. Putrino)
    Track 10 – The Preacher (H. Silver)
    Track 11 – Another Way Home (Taino Leon)
    Track 12 – The Hue (A. Gross)
    Track 13 – Tony and Adam
    Track 14 – Comin’ Home (S. Caffarello)